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RivaTuner 2.05 - для настройки видеокарт

Добавлено 28.09.07 в :                                            Комментарии (2)
RivaTuner 2.05 - для настройки видеокарт
RivaTuner это одно из самых мощных инструментальных средств для настройки видеокарт фирм NVIDIA и ATI, работающих под ОС Windows (с Windows 98 до Vista).

RivaTuner is a complete powerful tweaking environment, providing you everything you may need to tune NVIDIA GPU based display adapters. The widest driver-level Direct3D / OpenGL and system tuning options, flexible profiling system allowing to make custom settings on per-application basis, both driver-level and low-level hardware access modes, unique diagnostic and realtime hardware monitoring features and exclusive power user oriented tools like built-in registry editor and patch script engine make RivaTuner's feature set absolutely unmatched.

RivaTuner is the most powerful tweaking utility for NVIDIA and ATI display adapters running under Windows 98/ 98 SE/ ME/ 2000/ XP. The purpose of this utility is to give you access to all the undocumented features of Detonator and Catalyst drivers. Drivers have a lot of undocumented registry entries. Some of them don?t affect anything, but there are some that are very useful. In general, they cannot give you big performance boost but they can improve image quality and solve some compatibility problems. RivaTuner will help you to change all undocumented registry entries.

RivaTuner supports all NVIDIA display adapters starting from Riva TNT family up to the latest GeForce 7 series and widest range of NVIDIA drivers starting from the oldest Detonator 2.08 up to the newest ForceWare drivers family.

In addition to complete NVIDIA hardware support, RivaTuner also provides limited support for display adapters based upon ATI RADEON 8500 and newer ATI graphics processors. All RivaTuner's features besides driver-level tuning options are also available on supported ATI hardware.

Homepage - http://www.guru3d.com/rivatuner

Size: 2.03 MB



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Комментарии (2)

Добавлено 28.09.2007 в 23:57 Автор: se7en

vo kruto.. posiba =)

Добавлено 29.09.2007 в 17:51 Автор: Modern

Nezacto :D

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